How to Please a Variety of Palates at Your Event


Food is a wonderful thing. It brings people together, and yet everyone has such different tastes. Everyone has distinct likes and dislikes, so how do you please everyone when bringing them together for food? We have a few suggestions to help you please a variety of palates at your next catered event.

Keep It Simple

Though everyone has different tastes, the majority of people agree on a few things, and those are usually the simpler dishes. Uncomplicated dishes like pasta usually appeal to the masses and are a safe choice for catered events. Exotic or unusual dishes are less likely to please your crowd.

Build-Your-Own Bars

One popular option for many catered events are "build-your-own bars." This catering option provides everyone with basic ingredients to build a certain type of dish, whether it be a crepe, a salad, or a burrito. By providing people with the ingredients to make their own dishes, you put them in control of what they eat. This allows them to customize their plate to suit their tastes and diet.

Multiple Dishes

Giving your guests multiple choices of what to eat is another good way to please many pallets. This can be done in advance, by having your guests choose their dish when they RSVP. That way, the caterer knows how much of each dish to prepare, and everyone still gets the food that they want.

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