How to Select a Theme for Your Catered Event


Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a charity gala, there are several things to consider when picking a theme for your catered event. Check out these party tips from caterers in your area.

Who Is Your Audience?

Your audience will be the biggest decision factor in the theme selection process. If your event is “adults only” you will have a wider range of creative options. For family events where children or grandparents may be present, consider more family-friendly themes. The same goes for corporate events; keep it light and fun, but professional at the same time.

Where Is Your Event?

The location of your event can also play into your theme. For example, if you host your party at an elegant resort or hotel, black-tie and Great Gatsby-themed parties are perfect. If you have a favorite restaurant in mind, incorporate their theme and food choice into your selection. For outdoor events at local parks, consider nature and the great outdoors as inspirations for your party. At corporate events where you want to inspire team-building, outdoor recreational activities will add to the overall theme of your event.

When Is Your Event?

The time of year will also play a big role in your party plans. Depending on the season, popular wedding themes includes ideas like “Winter Wonderland” and “Mid-Summer's Night Dream.” Last year, the movie “Krampus” inspired a whole new spin on Halloween and Christmas parties alike. Superhero themes continue to inspire business partners at corporate events, so try planning your party around the latest blockbusters.

For more great ideas on catering and picking a theme for your party, find inspiration at your local caterers.

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