How to Throw an Excellent Catered Party


So you are hosting an event. It is a ton of work, right? But we all know that it is worth it to throw a party of your own, as long as everything runs smoothly. Thankfully, you have chosen to leave the food preparation and serving tasks to a professional caterer. We have catered quite a few parties, and have seen a pattern. Here are a few tips for throwing an excellent catered party.

  • First of all, be sure to hire an excellent caterer, one with plenty of experience hosting and serving, and that can offer a variety of foods. This way, you will be confident knowing that the hardest job is being handled with care.
  • Plan a menu that will excite people. Everyone has their specific tastes, but try your hardest to serve a meal or some finger foods that everyone will enjoy. If your guests love the food at your party, they will remember the event! Think about it; try to remember some of the best meals you have had at a wedding, fundraiser or other catered event. It will be hard to forget these experiences!
  • Plan a menu that is flexible. Leave nuts off the menu, as this is a common allergy. The same goes for shellfish, unfortunately. Remember to make your vegetarian and lactose-intolerant guests feel welcome by offering them options as well.

When you keep these notes in mind, we know that your event will run smoothly and be remembered fondly.

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