Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party


The holidays are upon us, and with them come a lot of parties and family gatherings. While some people love cooking for big holiday events, others prefer to hire a caterer to do all the cooking, which gives them time to simply enjoy spending time with their friends and family members. If you're planning a catered party for the holidays, consider the following themed party ideas to take the event to the next level.

Holiday Movie Theme

There are a lot of great holiday movies out there, so pick your favorite one and use that as the theme for your party. You could have a How the Grinch Stole Christmas party, and encourage your guests to dress up as Whos or the Grinch himself. Or, you could use the beloved Christmas movie Elf as your inspiration. Have everyone dress up as elves, and decorate your home the way Buddy decorated the department store. There are many movies to choose from, so get creative!

A Time of Giving

For many people, the holidays are a time to give to others and spread good will to those around them. If you want to emphasize this at your party, make it a charitable event. For example, you could become Secret Santas for a less fortunate family in your area. Let your guests know in advance that they should bring a gift, and give them some information about the family members--kids' ages and genders, favorite colors, wish list items, etc. You may even want to assign gifts for each guest to bring. You can spend the party wrapping gifts, then deliver them to the family's home at the end of the night. It will be a special and touching event.

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