Interesting Facts You Never Knew about Caterers


Having an event professionally catered is quite the investment. Because of this, you want to make you are getting the service you pay for. It might be helpful to consider the following when looking for a professional caterer.


It is a growing trend for people to want fresh, organic food. Keeping this in mind, many caterers use an advertising tactic to reel you in. You might read that they offer "fresh" food for catered events. However, there is a good chance that while the food was fresh to begin with, it has since been frozen. If you shop around and compare caterer's bids for the exact same menu and one of them is significantly less than the other, chances are the food is not actually going to be fresh. You are getting a good deal from them because you are getting what you paid for: frozen food.


If you truly want fresh food served at your event, you will want to make sure the food is actually prepared on-site. Some caterers will also advertise fresh food, but it is then made off-site and brought to the event in hotboxes. For genuine fresh food, choose a caterer who will cook the food at the facility or one that has mobile cooking capabilities.

Don't fall for false advertising tactics just because you want a good deal. Make sure to research the caterer beforehand so you get exactly what you pay for.

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