John McClane’s Favorite Holiday Party Food Items


Most people are pretty familiar with the Die Hard franchise and the epic heroics of John McClane in each of the five movies, but few people have likely taken much time to think about the food aspect of the movie. After all, in the original “Die Hard” movie, there are only three instances in which the viewer sees anyone eating anything, and those happen so infrequently that only a careful viewer will spot the Nestle Crunch and Mars Bar being consumed.

But here's another part of the movie that you might have forgotten: John McClane only intercepts Hans Gruber's plot because he was going to a holiday party at Nakatomi's headquarters for his ex-wife. So the viewer knows that even if McClane isn't exactly partying on this night, odds are that he's not the type of guy who's new to the party scene either.

So what might his favorite party foods be? For starters, you can safely rule out bratwurst or anything German. McClane isn't going to be partaking in German cuisine after going toe-to-toe with Hans Gruber. He's going to be more into the kind of fare that you might find at a Fourth of July party with a little bit of the Wild West thrown in the mix.

That means there's going to be barbecue, and plenty of it. Not only will that satisfy McClane, he'd be able to take it on the go while he's avoiding Gruber's men. Other great options include nachos with queso and beef and steak tacos. McClane's not a hard guy to satisfy as far as menus go. His main concern is simply getting the job done so he can go have a beer.

But there's one exception to that rule. John McClane and Al Powell have got to have their Twinkies. That one is simply non-negotiable for these cops.

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