Learn Buffet Feng Shui


Going Down the Table

The most important arrangement point for you to consider is how to keep the diners from having to reach around each other to get everything they need. That means that, while your plates and bowls need to be at the beginning so the diners have something to fill, the utensils should be at the end. That way the diners know which utensils they need, and they won’t have to hold on to the utensils down the whole row.

Creating Rows

If you have a short, wide table and have a few rows of food, the best thing to do is to vary the height of the dishes so that the rows on the inside are higher than the ones on the outside. That way when the diners are reaching into the food, they’ll be less likely to have their sleeves drag in the front dishes or worse, burn themselves on the hotter ones. If you don’t have any tall dishes, you can always stack books or whatever else you have underneath the dishes, and then cover those stacks with your table linens.

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