Not Just for Grown-Ups: Catered Kids’ Party Ideas


Kids' parties are exhausting. What could be so hard about having a few 7-year-olds over to play and celebrate? The answer is that everything is hard about kids' parties. They take even more planning than events for adults. Activities need to be carefully planned and timed because the moment the crowd of children discovers they are waiting for something, chaos breaks out. Food needs to be fun and inviting because, even though kids are choosy eaters, they are extremely susceptible to gimmicks. Shape the food in an interesting way or put it on a stick and the kids will love it, but this kind of creativity is a lot of work. After all the work of planning the activities and preparing the food, the party date arrives and you have to be present and at the top of your game for every moment of the party from the welcome to the goodbye. Exhausting.

What's the solution? Simplify. Cater the food. It sounds crazy, but it makes kids' parties so much easier. With one phone call, the food is done. During the event, you can stay focused on the children and not spend one moment in the kitchen. But will catered food really appeal to kids? Absolutely. Catering doesn't mean fancy; it just means no work for you. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Mini foods. Kids love small things. Mini hot dogs, mini pizzas, mini sandwiches—the possibilities are endless.
  • Dipping foods. Kids love to dip.
  • Food bars. Choices and independence always appeal to kids, so plan a dish they can help assemble themselves.
  • Finger foods. Kids use their fingers to eat anyway, so make the food finger-friendly.

Cater your next party for kids. You'll never go back to doing it all yourself.

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