Opposites Attract: How to Cater for 2 People


Do you have a big event coming up that requires catering? Are you tasked with planning this event with someone who can't seem to agree with you on any point? Here at Coburn's Catering, we actually see this situation happen a lot. Whether your contrasting planning partner is a spouse to be or an office-mate, we can help you make things work. The following is a list of ways to make both of you happy:

  • Offer a buffet: When you both have different ideas of what should be served, then having a nice buffet line is a good way to satisfy both ends. Each of you can choose some of the items to go on the buffet line, and nobody will have to know the reason for the different items.
  • Make an inclusive theme: If you really can't decide on one kind of food, then come up with a theme that will incorporate both ideas. Mexican and Italian can work with an International travel theme. Steaks and seafood can come with a surf and turf theme.
  • Split up courses: Often, we will have planning partners split up the courses to plan. This means while you may not like their idea of soup, you can at least be happy with your choice of dessert. Splitting up the appetizers, salad, soup, entree, dessert, and drinks can make both of you happy with at least part of the end result.


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