Paleo Options for Your Catered Event


Do you have a special event coming up, but need to plan ahead for special nutritional or dietary restrictions? Don’t worry; with years of experience in the catering field, we can help you choose Paleo options for your catered event.

The Paleo diet has technically been around since the time of the caveman. The diet revolves around the idea of taking it back to the basics when it comes to food, focusing on whole and nutritionally dense food that our ancestors may have consumed such as lean meats, nuts, berries, and unprocessed grains and avoiding artificially produced foods and dairy.

The following are just a few selections you might consider when it comes to selecting food for your next catered event.


Fish that is high is Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon is a great option to serve your guests. Salmon can be prepared in a number of ways that follow the Paleo diet because it doesn’t take much to take salmon to the next level with it comes to taste. Baking, searing, or roasting salmon are popular preparation methods, but if you are interested in serving salmon, speak with the catering staff to learn more about more preparation methods.


Salad is a great way to incorporate greens, vegetables, nuts, and fruits into your catered spread. This side is perhaps the easiest way to appeal to a broad range of individual tastes while keeping it aligned with the Paleo diet considerations.

Consider the aforementioned suggestions and any other favorite meals you enjoy modified to fit the Paleo diet for your next event to wow your guests and keep their meal healthy.


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