Plan a Catering Menu to Impress Guests


When you decide to create an event, you'll want to choose refreshments and food that will satisfy guests. There are several rules of thumb to remember when you are picking out food. First of all, matching the tone of the event and the food will go a long way in making everyone happy with the dishes available. If you're doing something fancy, upper-crust food will be expected, while backyard parties call for something yummy and easy to enjoy.

Fancy or Casual?

You can get catered steaks or pork loin, or you can get a hot-dog or hamburger bar for your guests. Who doesn't crave a good hamburger at a neighborhood cookout? If you're dressed up in your black-tie best, you'll want something less likely to get ketchup on your best clothes.

Get a Little Something for Everyone

Luckily, we offer sides like beans, potato salad, and many other dishes to go with our casual catering options. If you prefer soup and salad, we also have you covered. When you offer a variety of dishes, you won't leave anybody out because you'll be catering to the majority of your guests. For a picky crowd, we recommend sending surveys with RSVPs. Your guests can let you know themselves of any allergies or diet restrictions. This way you are not stuck trying to guess but can order food that will satisfy the most people.

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