Questions a Caterer Will Ask You about Your Event


Getting catering is a great way to simplify the process of orchestrating an event. Not only does it free you from having to cook or find people willing to bring potluck, it also ensures that the food will turn out and be served by experienced servers. If you're planning a wedding, work party, anniversary, or other large event, you will want to make sure that you take a few crucial first steps before proceeding to call a caterer. Here we'll tell you about two important questions that you'll want to make sure you have the answers to before finding the right caterer.

Finalizing the Number of Guests and the Space

Two of the most important questions a caterer will ask is where you will be having the meal portion of the event and how many people will need to be fed. Caterers have portion sizes measured for each of their dishes, so when you provide a good estimate of the number of people, the caterer can tell you how many servings you will need to order. Getting an accurate head count will ensure that nobody's left out and you don't have too many leftovers.

You should also provide the caterer with a good description of the room, so that the company can send the right size of tables (if you don't have them). The caterers will usually need a room in which to prepare food and store extras that will be swapped out when a dish is empty or a guest comes into the meal late. With this info, your event will go much smoother.

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