Questions to Ask Wedding Caterers


Your wedding caterer plays a huge role in your wedding day, so it’s important to choose the right one. He or she will take much of the responsibility for setting up before the wedding and keeping the reception running smoothly. The right food can become the perfect ending to a perfect day, while the wrong food can leave guests going home disappointed. And, of course, a caterer will make up a large portion of your wedding expenses. Here are some of the most important questions to ask your caterer.

What’s Included?

Find out what comes included in the catering package. Does the catering company provide tables, chairs, and place settings? Are they licensed to provide alcohol, or should you handle the bar separately? Is the staff responsible for serving the food as well as preparing it?

What’s Your Specialty?

Every caterer has a specialty, although most can be flexible and prepare a custom menu for your event. Find out what they specialize in and what other choices they offer to make sure they’ll be a good fit for your event and your guests' needs. Do they offer meal packages, or is everything à la carte? Can they accommodate guests with allergies or dietary restrictions? Do they offer a separate children’s menu?

How Many Staff Members Will Be Present?

Be sure to ask your caterer what staff members will be present on your wedding day. Will the caterer be present to supervise the event? What’s the staff to guest ratio? If you have a bar, will the catering company provide bartenders as well? If you think you’re going to need more staff, ask if they can provide extra waiters or bartenders for an additional fee. Finally, be sure to ask what the catering staff will be wearing to make sure it blends in well with your wedding theme.


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