Recipes Every Professional Caterer Should Have


When people call us to cater an event, they expect that we will show up with something delicious. We take our work seriously and strive to keep our culinary skills on the cutting edge! Our success largely depends on the satisfaction of our customers. It’s important for a caterer to be well rounded in their cooking and baking abilities. We run across a lot of recipes--some we love to use over and over, and some we let go. Every professional caterer should have at least a few tried-and-true recipes that they always keep on hand.

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: These have become a staple of American treats. The first ones were introduced in the Boston area in the late-1930s by a happy accident, and they have been a big hit ever since. There are dozens of variations on the original recipe, so when you find or make one that is incredible, hang on to it!
  • Bread Rolls: Fresh bread has been a meal staple for hundreds of years. In today’s society, a bread roll can make or break a dinner party. It’s imperative that every caterer takes the time to develop a great recipe.
  • Pasta Sauce: The classic red tomato sauce was brought over by Mediterranean immigrants. It's used daily in thousands of households across the United States. The right mixture of herbs and spices can really make this sauce sing.

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