Secrets a Bad Caterer Won’t Tell You


Finding a caterer for an event is one of the most difficult things to do. There aren’t a lot of good reliable caterers in the world, and they tend to be as dishonest as car salesman. Finding a good one is like finding a diamond in the rough. But there’s a way of determining whether you’ve got a good one or a bad one. Here’s some quick knowledge about what bad caterers won’t tell you.

Relationship with a Venue

One of the ways you can determine whether you’re dealing with a bad apple is if they have a cozy relationship with the venue. A lot of the times you’ll get a great deal with the venue, but you have to use one of their approved caterers, which usually means the venue gets a bit of the apple. Often, these caterers won’t provide the best service as a result, because they don’t have to compete for your business.

Catering Businesses

Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is whether a caterer is actually a catering business. Many caterers are trying to get a start the food service industry. These folks may offer a great deal, but they typically don’t have a lot of experience. That can be really dangerous for anyone’s party. The best way to choose a caterer is through word of mouth.

A Quote Isn’t A Quote

Lastly, one of the biggest things to ask about is the cost of the food. A lot of caterers will give you an estimate, without including any of the additions, like a service charge which can cost you sometimes 25% of the whole cost. If you want an honest caterer, be sure that they mention all of the little costs that will pop up during the planning of the event and give you an honest estimate of the price of service.

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