Selecting the Best Style of Catering for Your Event


If you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or holiday party, there are several things to consider when it comes to choosing a catering style. Depending on your audience, theme, and location of the event, there are three basic styles to choose from.

Plated Meal

This is the traditional sit-down service seen most commonly at weddings, black-tie affairs, and formal events. A wait staff provides discreet and professional delivery of menu items allowing the audience to remain seated and focus on speakers or the evening's events.

Buffet Style

For large events with a more casual feel, a buffet is a great option. Guests have more freedom when it comes to picking and choosing the food options and portion sizes they want. Keep in mind that a buffet table and cue will take up considerable space in your venue and, depending on how many people in attendance, you may have to consider a double-sided buffet to keep the lines flowing.

Small Plate

A small plate event is designed to encourage mingling while a wait staff carries trays of hors d’oeuvres around the room. Bite-sized portions mean that you can have a greater variety of food options that everyone will have the opportunity to sample. This event is best for semi-formal social gatherings and holiday parties.

Action Stations

Actions stations are similar to a buffet in that the guests must go to their food. Each station is staffed by a chef who will prepare food at each station to the guest's specifications. It is great for the entertainment factor and goes well in a casual or semi-formal event where mingling is encouraged.

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