Selecting the Right Dessert for the Season


The dessert you serve at a dinner party is like the final chapter of a story; it should wrap up the meal nicely and give your guests a pleasant feeling at the end of the party. The dessert you choose has a lot to do with the meal you serve, but it also has to do with the current season. If you're debating over what dessert to choose, consider our tips below.

Spring and Summer

In the spring and summer seasons, you typically want to serve a light and refreshing dessert. Heavy desserts can be overwhelming during the warmer months of the year. Consider desserts that use fresh seasonal fruit, such as fruit tarts or fresh strawberry pie.

Ice cream is a great dessert and can be served alone or alongside another dessert. Consider serving a fruit-flavor ice cream, such as peach or strawberry.

Fall and Winter

As the year turns colder, you will want to serve warmer, slightly heavier desserts. There are many great seasonal options at this time of year; pumpkin is especially popular in the fall. You can serve pumpkin pie, pumpkin bars, and pumpkin cookies. Apples are also in season during the fall, and provide many great dessert options--apple pie, apple tart, and warm apple bread to name a few.

Winter has many great dessert options too that are popular during the holidays--bread pudding, sugar cookies, eggnog cake, and warm streusel for starters. Just make sure that the desserts are warm and comforting so that your guests are warmed from the inside before they leave your party!


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