Selecting the Right Drinks for Your Catered Meal


Some people believe that the idea of pairing your drink with your meal is bogus and very subjective. Other people swear on the idea that you have to have very specific pairings for your drinks and meals. While neither thought may be the right one, it’s important to realize that your perception has a lot to do with the drink that you choose for your meal. Everyone’s perception is different and your perception will stem from your own expectations. However, if you are looking for some basic rules of thumb regarding which drink you should choose for your meal, we suggest the following.

While there aren’t any rules, as a serious eater you want to make appropriate pairings and combinations of drinks and meals. It is very similar to how you would want to pair 2 flavors together. You would put ice cream or hot fudge with your brownie, but you definitely wouldn’t want to sprinkle minced garlic on top of that brownie. You should approach your drink and meal combinations with the same idea. Picking a drink that contrasts with the flavor of your food usually works very well for people.

Another method is to mirror your food. Picking a drink that “mirrors” or offers continuity with your food allows their similar characteristics to be complemented so that they can both shine together. There’s nothing quite like that rich flavor of food combined with a rich wine. So, while your perceptions may be different from others, it might be wise to follow a few tried-and-true methods every once in a while.

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