Should You Get Fondant or Frosting on Your Cake?


When it comes to choosing what type of cake you want, there are a lot of choices. One of those choices is whether you want fondant or frosting on your cake. There are some advantages to each of these choices.


Many people think that fondant has a more perfected look to it than frosting. This is because the clay-like consistency makes it easy to roll out and transfer to a cake. One advantage to using fondant is that it easily covers the blemishes and imperfections of a cake; this gives the final product a polished and smooth look. In addition to this, fondant also allows for creativity to surface. You can use fondant to cut out shapes, flowers, and designs to personalize a cake and give it character.


One of the main advantages of using frosting over fondant is that many people prefer the taste of frosting. Frosting generally has more fat than fondant and tastes sweeter and richer. It is also a very forgiving option because you can add more milk or powdered sugar to alter the consistency. The soft texture of frosting makes it easy to put in a pastry bag for piping. You can create borders around the base and layers of a cake, as well as write names or messages with frosting.

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