Should You Offer Gluten-free Food at Your Event?


Nowadays, catering for an event is a lot more difficult than before. With so many types of diets, preparing for any event can be a puzzle. One of the biggest questions for any event planner is whether or not you should offer these many different diet options, including gluten free, at your event. Here are just a few of the things you’ll need to consider before determining whether or not you want to accommodate these diets.

Is It Feasible?

Are you planning a large event with hundreds or even thousands of people? Offering different meals for every type of diet may be impossible to do. One of the best options is to offer a buffet style meal and provide options for every diet. Have a vegetarian entrée, and specific dishes that are designated as gluten free. If you have a smaller guest list, be sure to ask each guest (through the invitation and far in advance) whether they require a specific diet requirement, or if they have any allergies. You will then be able to plan a meal for each of them, or even curtail the menu towards their needs.

Can Your Caterer Accommodate?

Next, one of the most important things you’ll need to consider is whether or not your caterer can accommodate these different diets and allergies. Some have experience working with diets and allergies and will feel comfortable with all of the extra steps they will need to make when cooking for a gluten-free lifestyle, or for a vegan lifestyle. But, others may not have experience, and this could be trouble when it comes to ensuring your guests are in good hands.

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