So You Think You Can Cater Your Own Event?


With so many cooking shows popping up on the Food Network and great recipes all over the Internet, it can be tempting to think that you can cater the event on your own and save some money. But although you might save a couple dollars here and there if you go the DIY route, you'll end up costing yourself much more in time and stress. Here's why it's not a good idea to try to self-cater.

If you've ever seen a caterer set up, you know that they've got a lot of equipment in one place that they need to set up to make sure everything is served at the correct temperature. Unless you've got a lot of cash on hand and space to store the items you'll have to buy, chances are you're not going to be able to acquire and keep everything you're going to need. Even if you do have both of those things, will you really want to stash the new items you've had to buy? Would buying those items result in any money saved? By using a caterer, you can simply have those items for the day without the extra expenses.

The other main reason not to self-cater is the stress of planning and cooking a menu. If you're trying to make your event go smoothly, adding the difficulties of making sure that your meal is enough to satisfy your guests is a certain way to ruin your day. Rather than enjoying the event you've created, you'll be worrying about whether everything is cooked properly and each guest is getting enough to eat. When you're scrambling around, the stress of the day isn't anywhere near worth the small amount you might have saved on catering. Don't give yourself a headache find yourself unable to enjoy what you've spent weeks planning. Let a professional handle the job so you can focus on having fun!


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