Some of the Best Party Finger Foods


Few things are more important in event planning than the catering. Food matters. If those in attendance won't be sitting at tables, it might be best to have finger foods that they can pick up and enjoy. If that's the case, consider the following ideas that are popular options for parties:

Sandwich Roll Ups

Sandwich roll ups or pinwheels are a popular option, because there are roll ups to match any taste or theme.  For example, a host could choose a ham and cheese roll up for a summer party or a chicken enchilada pinwheel for an indoor event. It's also easy to pick them up and enjoy them, and they can be served cold or hot, too.


Kabobs are food served on a stick. It could be more filling, such as meat and vegetables. It could also be a quick appetizer, such as fruit and cheese. These are also great for fondue parties or to use with dessert. Consider putting fruit, chocolate, and angel food cake on a stick for the perfect dessert kabob.

Mini Quesadillas

Mini quesadillas are a crowd pleaser. They can be served with any filling. Try avocado and hummus for a delicious vegetarian option. When thinking about Mexican food, one could also consider mini tacos or taco bowls, too.


Sliders are small sandwiches or burgers. They are easy to pick up and enjoy at a party, and there are lots of toppings that can meet the taste preferences of the guests.

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