Some of the Worst Parties in History


When planning a party, you consider every detail to make the best event for all in attendance. You work hard to choose the right venue, food, decorations, entertainment, party favors, and everything else. Of course, sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Here are 4 examples of parties that made the list of worst party attended for the guests.

Tense Wedding Reception

When an older man was marrying a girl 30 years younger than him, both families showed up angry and tense. Everything seemed to be okay until a brawl broke out on the dance floor. Blood spattered the floor when the owners of the venue cut the power and asked all guests to leave. Sadly, many guests showed up late and missed the whole party.

Snowball Incident

An elementary school-aged boy's family had filled the freezer with snowballs from the winter for a snowball fight for his summer birthday party. As the snowball fight started, however, the birthday boy got hit in the face and ended up in the emergency room.

Nitrogen Gas Pool Party

Nitrogen gas was added to the pool in order to make it look foggy and fun for guests. Unfortunately, the nitrogen gas overtook the oxygen around the pool, causing 7 party guests to faint from a lack of air. One guest even ended up in a coma.

Prank Gone Wrong

One fellow who worked as a makeup artist decided to scare his niece and friends with a fake severed hand. He left it in the middle of the park for their party. When the neighbors found the arm, they called the police. The party quickly became a crime scene, and the severed limb was bagged as evidence. The uncle had to apologize for his bad judgment that ruined the party.

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