Steak, Fish, or Pastas – What’s Best for Main Courses?


If you've ever thrown a catered party or event, you know how hard it is to come up with a main dish that will please the majority. There are some picky eaters out there! Follow these tips for a little help deciding what to serve your guests. 

Consider the Vegetarians

If you know for sure all of your guests love meat, meat, and more meat, then throw this tip out the window. But vegetarians do exist! It's a good idea to at least have an option that could be served vegetarian, such as pasta with or without chicken. Or even vegetarian fajitas with plenty of beans and rice. It probably won't go over too well to go all vegetarian, but your meatless friends will thank you for giving them options.

Pick a Theme

You know those buffets that serve just about every style of food in the entire world? It's a little overwhelming and doesn't always turn out that well. Options are great, but providing options within one style of food, such as barbecue or Mexican food, will make the party more memorable and more delicious. Not to mention, it's very rare for a catering company to master every type of food, so picking one that specializes will give you confidence you're getting the best.

Provide Indulgence and Healthy Food Alike

In addition to providing options for vegetarians, it's also smart to provide a healthier option for those watching their diet. Rib-sticking, hearty foods like steak or brisket can be paired effortlessly with a lighter option like chicken or salmon.


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