Surprising Foods That Are Great Catering Choices


Looking to have an event catered? Whether it's a wedding or a birthday party, having an event catered can make life easier and more flavorful. While you can probably name a few go-to catering dishes, there is no reason to stick with something as boring as lemonade and sandwiches. Here are a few foods that are surprisingly great catering choices:

  • Ethnic foods are unique, flavorful, and surprisingly great for catering events. From dumplings and pot stickers to large pots of curry, ethnic and international foods are easy to prepare and serve and are incredibly tasty.
  • Paired hors d'oeuvre and minicocktails are unique and all the rage in the current catering scene. By pairing small appetizers with drinks that complement the food guests will have a unique combination of flavors and textures that perfectly match each other.
  • Comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, potpies, and hearty soups are unique and surprisingly versatile. From a Christmas work party to a summer birthday event, comfort foods can be just as comforting when provided by a catering company.
  • Coffee and alcohol do indeed mix. And when it comes to catering options, mixing the 2 is a surprising way to add variety and flavor to your next event.

There are plenty of other ways to surprise your guests through food and entertainment. The few listed above should give you a good starting point for coming up with your own unique menu.

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