The 5 Worst Parties in History


Every party host knows that the details make or break the party, but over the course of history, some parties have decidedly missed the mark. Read on to learn more about the 5 worst parties in history and how you can avoid party flops with a little help from Coburn’s Catering.

Deadly Dinner Parties

The day before Britannicus, the stepbrother of the emperor Nero, turned 14, the Roman emperor hired an assassin to poison the poor boy at a dinner party held in his honor.

Boston Tea Party

Tea parties are fun. Fights for freedom from taxation that involve destroying an entire shipment of tea from the East India Company are not fun.

Overconfident Diners

While many people are wary of the poisonous qualities of pufferfish, actor Bando Mitsugoro believed himself to be immune. At a dinner party with friends, he feasted on four orders of the deadly delicacy and did not survive the encounter.

Any Birthday Party for a Christmas Baby

Let’s be honest. If you were born on Christmas, all of your birthday parties get pushed down the priority list during the busiest season of the year.

Let Them Eat Cake

While not actually a party, or even an event eating actual cake, these infamous words are often misquoted or misunderstood. The situation was not fun for anyone involved.

Rather than going down in history as one of the worst parties of all time, or even as simply mediocre, the right food and the right setting can set you up for a night of friends and fun.

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