The Best Foods for Catering


Here at Coburn's Catering, we have attended and provided food for quite a few big events. We have handled a lot of different menu items, and have thus figured out which items work best for big groups. If you are about to plan a big event, then you should consider serving some of the following great catering food options.

International Items

If your group has a specific international leaning, then we are happy to accommodate. We can make great catering menus fitting the following International cuisine options:

Italian: lasagna, spaghetti, manicotti, and other such dishes are generally a big hit.

Latino: tacos, burritos, nachos, and enchiladas can all be huge crowd pleasers.

American: burgers, fries, and BBQ are options are all really good options to consider.

Asian: Chinese food lends itself well to catering events with the buffet options that are so popular.

Finger Foods

Cheese platters, small sandwiches, and appetizers on toothpicks can feed a large crowd over a long space of time without interrupting the different activities you have planned for your event. If you are planning an event that can't afford large spaces of time for sitting and eating, then this is a good plan to keep in mind.


Casserole options have been great for large crowds, and can be made around many different dietary specifications. They are also known as good comfort food, meaning they are very large crowd pleasers.

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