The Most Expensive Catered Events


When it comes to cost, there's one major rule that comes with catering: the more guests you have at your event, the more expensive it's going to be. It's just a basic fact that when you have to order more food, the costs will rise simply because of quantity. However, not every rule is ironclad as there are some catered events that are costlier than others.

Weddings are traditionally the most expensive of all of the catered events, and a large part of that is because of the attention to detail. The details of a wedding are always noticed, and every detail has to be perfect because these are events that will be captured in photos for a lifetime. The most intricate weddings involve plated presentation, servers, and strict attention to the needs of the guests, making sure that everyone is completely taken care of from beginning to end.

Other expensive events include those when a high-end food item is prominently featured on the menu. Items such as steak, filet mignon, and prime rib are sure crowd pleasers if your guests enjoy eating quality beef, but these items are always in high demand and will cause the budget for the event to balloon considerably. The basic rule of thumb is that a higher demand for an item leads to a higher bill at the end of the event.

The other factor that pushes a catered event into the most expensive categories is opting for plated service over a buffet-style meal. When guests serve themselves, it cuts down on the cost because fewer staff are needed to attend to the meal, allowing them to focus on other needs of the guests and keep the event running smoothly. By contrast, a plated meal means that your guests will be getting attention from the servers from beginning to end, requiring a higher cost to create the atmosphere you want.


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