The Most Expensive Dining Locations in America


When it comes to dining, Americans all have different definitions of what is an affordable meal. For some people, it would be considered “splurging” to spend more than twenty dollars on a single entrée, while for others it’s common to order $50.00 items every night of the week. Although out of range for most people, there are some restaurants that leave people wondering whether anyone can afford the prices. Here are a few examples.

New York

One of the most famously expensive restaurants is Masa in New York City. This place is well established as the premiere Sushi spot in New York, and is considered by many to have the best sushi in the United States. This restaurant does not have a menu, and the fish is flown in directly from Japan daily. The average price is $450.00 per person before tip.

Las Vegas

Another famously expensive restaurant is Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas. This decadent dining spot is located in the MGM Grand Hotel. This is the first American restaurant opened by Robuchon, who is commonly considered the greatest modern French chef. In addition to an impressive wine selection, the menu includes a 16-course option that is $425.00 per person.
Other famously expensive restaurants include sushi places in California, and other famous French restaurants on the east coast. Other expensive spots are pricey based on the location alone, like Per Se in New York, which includes an open fire, open seating overlooking Central Park, and a luxurious dining room.

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