The Most Unusual Catering Dishes


If you are hosting a party, chances are high that you are going to have it catered. Few people want to spend hours in the kitchen and even longer cleaning up. If you are having an event catered, you likely have a pretty good idea about what types of food you can request. From sandwich fixings to DIY burrito bars, if you can cook it yourself, you can have it catered. But what if you are in the mood for something more unusual? Here are a few of the most unusual foods you can request for a party:

  • Beef and chicken (and even fish) are staples for most catered meals. But did you know that some catering companies can serve goat or lamb? If you are looking for unusual meat options, you aren't alone. Plenty of catering services specialize in more unique animal cuisine.
  • Bugs don't belong in your home. However, bugs do belong at your party. Insects are becoming more and more popular as a food item throughout the country. From energy bars to desserts, many people are realizing how easy they are to raise, how protein-dense they are, and how inexpensive they are to use. Want to mix things up? Base your menu off of bugs.
  • Sometimes it's not the food that is unusual but the way it is served. Shot glasses full of soup? Avocadoes stuffed with stuffing? Cupcakes topped with gravy and meat? Anything you can dream of, you can bet that a caterer can provide.


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