The Questions You Should Ask Your Caterer


The food is a centerpiece at any event, and it's important to make sure it will meet or exceed your expectations long before your guests arrive. Here are some questions to ask your caterer before your event.

Do You Offer More than Just Food?

Some caterers are simply there to make and drop off the food and nothing more. But some offer complete set up, take down, and will even serve the food and attend to guests. It's important to know what your caterer offers so you can plan for it in advance. While most great caterers offer these services, don't assume it is a given.

What Is Your Specialty?

You may have menu items in mind for your event, but you could miss out on a crowd favorite if you don't ask your caterer what they're known for and what their most popular dishes are. If nothing else, you could benefit from providing your guests with additional food choices.

What Will the Total Cost Be?

Nothing is worse than expecting one price and getting charged a completely different one when it's all said and done. Before your event, it's important to know exactly what to expect for all of the food and service you're expecting. Your caterer should be able to give you a very specific estimate depending on the length of your event and how many people are expected to attend.

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