The Top 3 Most Unique Catering Foods


We at Coburn's Catering love it when our catering customers have unique catering needs that reflect their equally unique personalities. Here are some of the top unique trends in catering that you might want to think about for your next event. These 3 catering options may go a long way in reflecting your personality and infusing your event with your personal style.

Classy Carnival

If you have ever been to a carnival before and eaten the food peddled out of the trucks and booths that are present there, then you are familiar with carnival food. You can expect to find cotton candy, hot dogs, fry bread, and more. Work with a catering company that can turn these carnival classics into classy works of art that are also delicious.

Picnic Party

Everyone loves a picnic. If the weather permits, having a party outdoors can help your party guests feel relaxed and more open and talkative. Consider having classic finger foods at your event that you would expect to see at a picnic: fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, juices, sandwiches, so on.

Breakfast or Brunch

When you think of hosting a party, you probably are thinking about available weekend nights, and having food catered in for a formal occasion. However, you can host an event that is just as enjoyable and as formal as you want it with a breakfast or brunch menu. Imagine having a pancake and/or waffle bar where people can “design” their own pancakes with a variety of toppings. Delight your guests with an omelet bar, where they can add their own fixings to an omelet.

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