The Worst Foods to Serve at a Wedding


If you've ever attended a wedding, then you know the food is one of the highlights during this celebratory day. In order to make the food a smash hit, there are few foods that would be best to avoid. At Coburn's Catering, we recommend avoiding the following types of food.

Spicy Food

Even if the bride and groom love spice, be careful with spicy dishes because many guests won't be fans. Not to mention that spicy food can make you sweat, which no one wants on their wedding day.

Messy Food

No one wants to get their outfit messy on a wedding day with photographers floating about. Some messy foods to avoid include BBQ, sloppy Joes, pasta with red sauce, etc. Think about how the guests will politely eat the food and avoid any risk of staining, splashing, or spilling.

Strict Diet

If the bride and groom have feelings about food, such as avoiding processed foods, stuffing full of meat and potatoes, or eating raw, vegan, or vegetarian, then you may think carefully about totally tailoring the menu to that. Weddings are gatherings of lots of people with different tastes. You may not want to force everyone to eat a certain way. A better idea is to have a general menu that you like, but with some additional options.

Casual Food

Generally, more casual foods like pizza, fries, burgers, and any sort of takeout should be avoided, unless of course you're going for a fun themed wedding. If that's the case, be sure your guests are well aware of the theme and dress code.

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