The Worst Parties in History


Parties bring people together. Still, sometimes, things don’t go according to plan, and you end up throwing or attending one of the worst parties in history. Don’t feel bad if you make a mistake, laugh it off and try again. As Julia Child famously said: “That’s why your guests are in the living room having a cocktail.”

Who Will Help?

Try to Avoid:

  • Attempting Too Much- Stick to the tried and true. Familiar foods make guests comfortable and whatever you serve should allow you to mingle with your guests.
  • Running out of Food-Prepare a bit more than you think you need and enjoy the left-overs the next day.
  • Bad Weather-Have a contingency plan and be flexible. If the power goes out mid-party, light some candles and order in.
  • Things That Spill- Guests spill. Things are better for everyone if you stock plenty of seltzer water and some clean cotton cloths.
  • Bad Company-Rescue a guest if they’re stuck with a bore. With seating assignments, take extra care if you want everyone to have fun.
  • Over-indulging-It’s one thing to have fun, but nothing stops a party faster than someone who has had too much.

If your next shindig goes south, roll with it. When people pull together in good humor to survive one of the worst parties in history, it takes the pressure off. Everyone has more fun, and great memories result. Years from now, you’ll all be laughing about it.


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