Think Like a Caterer: Advice for Your Next Event


Not every event necessarily needs a caterer, but that doesn't mean you don't want to have a great event with an impressive spread of food. If you're holding a small event that you don't want to hire a caterer for, you should still try thinking like one as you pick your menu. So here are our top tips for preparing the food for your next event.

Consider the Season

When choosing your menu, the first thing you need to consider is the time of year. Certain foods simply work better for certain seasons. For example, as far as desserts go, a light, fruity lemon bar works great for spring and summer parties, while a dense, spice-filled pumpkin bar is better for fall and winter. Picking season-appropriate foods will appeal to your guests' pallets and make your party perfect.

Consider the Time of Day

Is this event in the morning or early afternoon? Is it right at prime time for dinner? Or is it late in the evening? Depending on the time of day, your guests may expect different fare to be available for them. For example, if you're having a party right in the middle of dinner time, you should plan to serve a decent meal to your guests. If it's in the morning, brunch or some light snacks may be appropriate. For evening parties, you can be just fine with a few sweets and other snacks. Paying attention to the time of day when choosing your menu will make sure your guests don't leave your party feeling disappointed.

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