Tips for a Great Catered BBQ Event


Great Texas barbecue doesn’t just happen by mistake. It takes years of practice and experimenting with recipes to get it right. For nearly 70 years, Coburn’s Catering has been feeding Texans and their guests at special events like wedding receptions, business luncheons, corporate conventions, and yearly events like the Fort Worth Stock Show.

But how do you create a great catered barbecue event? Here are some tips.

Quality Meat

Good barbecue starts with quality meat. Whether it’s brisket, ribs, or sausage, delicious barbecue relies on juicy beef—not too lean, and not too fatty, with just the right amount of marbling. It should retain a firm, yet tender bite quality after it’s cooked. The aroma should be mouthwatering.

All the Fixin’s

A good barbecue affair must include all the traditional sides as well. Cole slaw, potato salad, dinner rolls, and pinto beans are expected, and their flavor should rival the barbecue entrees. For dessert, a sweet, savory fruit cobbler rounds out the fare.

Serving Options

Caterers should offer both casual buffet-style event options and premium options as well. For a more formal setting, there should be meat choices like prime rib, ribeye steaks, or bacon-wrapped fillets, with an option for table service, complete with wait staff, china, glasses, and linen napkins.


Successful catered events depend upon the experience of the catering professional. Caterers should have an understanding of local cuisine and culinary favorites, and offer a level of service that creates an enjoyable event.

If you have an event approaching, call us to find out the variety of food options we offer.

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