Tips for Attending a Taste Testing with a Potential Caterer


You probably had no idea that there were rules for proper etiquette when attending a taste testing to decide the menu for your wedding. We have had many brides and grooms come through for taste tests and have put together 3 basic rules of etiquette when attending a prewedding taste testing based on our observations.

Be Honest

Caterers really do want to know what you think. If something does not sit well with you, politely let them know know so that they can get a better idea of the things that you do like and try something else.

Don’t Bring a Crowd

Many people come to us for taste tests and bring what appears to be their entire wedding guest list. It is a lot easier for you to focus on what you are tasting if you can get as few extraneous opinions as possible.

Come Hungry

It is hard to know what you like and do not like if you come in for a taste testing and do not have an appetite for anything at all. For this reason, you should come to your taste testing prepared to eat. And you probably don’t want to make plans with your friends for lunch afterwards!

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