Tips for Choosing the Right Menu for Your Next Event


Here at Coburn's Catering, we love to handle big events. Making a celebration a little richer with our food and service is a lot of fun. We have had a lot of experience creating the perfect menu for big events, and to help you, we offer the following tips.

Consider Your Event Type

Different foods work well for one event, but not for another. If your event will be fast paced with a lot of different things happening, then you will want a menu full of finger foods or menu options that can be eaten on the move. It is hard for people to enjoy food while sitting down when there are different things happening all over. Events that are more stationary will work well with anything else.

Think about the Guest List

If there are a lot of children and young people coming, then we suggest skipping any of our more spicy or adventurous items. Young people are much more picky about these things, so you will want to stick with familiar items.

Go for Something Memorable

No matter what your event will be like or who will be attending, we can help you find a menu choice that will be memorable in some way. Most people walk away from big events talking about the decor and the food. We want them to remember the food in all the right ways so your event will be well-received.

Description: Food can make or break a big event depending on what you choose. Read this post by Coburn’s Catering to get some good tips on selecting the right menu options.

Tagline: Learn some good tips for creating a good menu for a big event.

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