Tips for Selecting the Best Party Food


Successful parties start with selecting the best food. Here are 3 tips to help hosts choose foods that will create a fun and tasty party menu.

Set the Budget

The hostess without a budget risks overspending, which can ruin the fun of party planning. The time to trim costs is before ordering food, not when the caterer presents the invoice. Setting a budget allows the host to plan a realistic menu. Just because the budget is small doesn’t mean the food can’t be delicious and fun.

Plan for Diverse Palates

Not every guest will have the same taste. Some guests enjoy food adventures and look forward to trying new foods. Others are happy with standard party fare. Health-conscious guests appreciate when the menu includes creative vegetable or fruit dishes, or other healthy choices. The considerate hostess includes a little something for everyone.

Choose a Theme

Before selecting the party food, determine the style and theme of the event. Is it a sit-down dinner or buffet? Will it be held indoors or outdoors? Is it casual or fancy? Hot dogs and potato salad may not be the best choice for an indoor sit-down dinner even if it’s the host’s favorite food. Themed parties almost require food that goes with the theme. A Mardi Gras buffet might include Milk Punch and King Cake. A July 4th picnic could include a special deviled egg recipe.

Trust the Professionals

Hiring a professional caterer means working with someone who has experience creating fun and delicious party food. A good caterer works with the host, respecting their budget and requests, but offering helpful suggestions to guarantee the food will be a hit. Let Coburn’s Catering help make your next party one to remember.


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