Tips for Storing Your Catering Supplies


Keeping catering supplies, such as trays, utensils, and plates, around the office or your home is a great way to speed up event planning and ensure you are always prepared. If you've ordered catering and have leftover supplies, saving these for a rainy day is a good strategy to reduce waste and spending. However, it can be tricky to determine what is sanitary to save and how you can pack them so they don't end up breaking. Here we'll give you tips to store your supplies successfully.

Knowing What to Do with Plastics

Plastics can be tricky to figure out whether to recycle or save. Some plastic catering containers will absorb molecules from whatever has been in them previously, making them unsuitable for multiple uses. Tupperware, for example, will discolor, which is actually the process of the plastic absorbing food. When deciding whether to keep a plastic container, first try to wash it with warm water and dish soap. If the plastic is discolored or has an odor after washing with dish soap, recycle it. If it looks new and has not been warped by the warm water, it's good to save.

Keep Utensils Together

It's frustrating when you can find a large container of spoons, but forks are nowhere to be found. A good strategy is to keep all of your utensils and dishes together so that they can easily be located and put out.

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