Tips for Stress-Free Catering


When you plan food for a party or event, it's not just what you're going to order that's a worry. You need to think about food prep, how you'll keep food warm, and how you're going to clean up after the fact. All of these stresses can be solved by taking our advice when it comes to selecting a caterer. Here are 2 things that you should make sure your caterer does to reduce the amount of worry you have about the process.

Get Catering That Includes Utensils and Platters

You don't want to have to come up with the number of utensils, plates, and platters it will take to host your event. For one thing, you don't want to have to buy them for a one-time party. For another, cleaning them so that you can reuse and get your money out of them will be a huge pain. We recommend choosing a catering company that will help you set up and provides classy dishes that you won't need to worry about again.

When in Doubt, Order More than You Need

To prevent the stress of running out of food, make sure you order more than you need. Plan for a few extra people, even if most of the time you will have fewer attendees than you anticipate. This will prevent the food from not stretching far enough and you needing to order more at the last minute.

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