Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Food


You deserve your wedding day to go off without a hitch, or at least for the food to taste great and for guests to leave with happy hearts and full bellies. Our team at Coburn’s Catering helps people select the best food for their wedding every day. Here are three tips to consider to help you find the best wedding food to serve on your special day.

Serve Brunch

Brunch can be a great idea for wedding food. You can have the wedding and reception early in the day, leaving people the rest of the day to continue with their own plans. Catering might be less expensive and the food for brunch such as breads, cheeses, and fruits are typically lighter.

Fresh Food in Season

When you serve food that is in season, the food will be fresher and more colorful. This lends to a menu that looks more appealing visually and tastes better as well. Fresh fruit can even be incorporated into the wedding through appropriate color and presentation.

Give People Choices

Your catering menu does not have to break your budget. By providing a bar where people can serve themselves, you might be able to save money while ensuring everyone gets just what they wanted. Taco bars, salad bars, and dessert bars are all great options for wedding menus that will not wreak havoc on your wallet.

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