To Buffet or Not to Buffet?


To buffet or not to buffet? When it comes to Coburn's Catering for your event, that is the question:

Whether it is nobler to take your plate to the buffet line

And have a chef carve you tuna,

Or it is better to take a seat and opposite others to dine - to eat,

Some more; and by eat to say we fend

For our food and fill our stomachs

That flesh is heir to: it's a consumption

Devoutly to be wished. To dine, to eat;

To eat, perchance a dessert or 2 - ay, there's the rub:

For in the eating of desserts what joys may come,

When we have shoveled off the baked potato foil,

Into our open maws - there's the aspect

That makes the taste of so good a trifle.

For who'd bear the whipped cream and corn of thyme,

The first course waited upon, the wait staff costumedly,

The pangs of unsatisfied hunger, the slaw's delay,

The etiquette of courses, and the turns

That patience takes while waiting for trays,

When one him- or herself might a way make

To the buffet line? Who would stalling bear,

To stump and stand behind another in line,

And have the dread that he or she come after,

The good foodstuffs, for which one burns

No longer available, puzzling the decision process,

And making the person bear with second choice turkey or ham

Than have a sit down menu set and delivered?

Thus buffets do not make the best of choices all,

And thus a sit down meal, not always the resolution,

Can be mulled over with the cast of thought,

And enterprises with great pitch and moment

With this their currents turn awry

Or when done correctly they take the game of action.

With our respect to the Bard, choosing a buffet or not doesn't have to be a great work of poetry. It just has to fit your occasion and your guests. If you want your guests to interact more with a lot of different people, a buffet makes good sense. If you want people to eat while comfortably seated so they do not have to move, then having a waitstaff do the work is the best choice. Of course, you can always compare costs and see what fits in your budget. However, your best results will occur when everyone is happily fed in a timely manner, and either a buffet or a sit down meal can deliver that.

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