Top 3 Favorite Catered Foods


If you have a catered event coming up anytime soon, it's never too early to begin planning the menu. There's no doubt your guests will all have different tastes and diets they follow, but choosing an item or two from this list of favorites is sure to make your event a hit.


No one can deny the power of bread. You might even find it strange how excited you get when your waiter brings the bread basket to your table, but you're not alone. Whether you choose rolls, baguettes, or cornbread for your event, you know it will be filling and everyone will love it.


If you're hosting a casual event, there's no need to get stressed out over what to serve as the main dish. A hamburger is one of the most popular foods in America and is completely customizable. Make sure to have a table with all the fixings and your guests will love building their own burger.

Dessert Variety

While not a specific food, having a wide variety of catered dessert choices for your guests will leave them with an excellent impression of the party you just threw. Have you ever been to an event where the only dessert they are serving is one you don't like? Avoid that problem by ensuring everyone will find something to satisfy their sweet tooth.


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