Top 3 Requested Foods for a Catered Party


Getting food for a special event, like a work party, anniversary, or birthday, requires making sure that the type of food selected will be a big hit with the party's guests. Catering is a great way to provide a large quantity of food without having to wear yourself out with cooking and serving guests. We've investigated the foods that guests love and hosts can order to make their events big hits. Here are the top 3.

The Classic American Burger

Everyone loves a well-cooked hamburger with lots of sides. You can't go wrong serving classic all-beef patties and fluffy sesame seed buns. Hamburgers are appreciated year round, but are especially a hit at summer events like sports parties and family reunions. Everyone has grown up on hamburgers, so guests love when their hosts provide such a comfortable favorite.

Smoked or Baked Ham

Another favorite entree is smoked or baked ham. Ham pairs well with potatoes, salads, and lots of all-year-round specialty dishes. Ham is the classic centerpiece protein for Easter, but honey-baked ham is also delightful at Christmas. We've found that this dish is one that constantly rates highly with our customers.

Assorted Cheeses and Crackers

One of the most ordered hors d'oeuvres is a cheese and cracker tray. Even the pickiest eaters love to snack on crackers, from wheat to butter crackers. We provide a range of cheeses of different strengths, including mild cheddar and Swiss for those who don't like the pungent varieties. With these catering standards, any party can be a hit.

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