Top 5 Finger Foods for Your Event


There are many details that go into a planning a spectacular party. Perhaps the most important detail that will make your party memorable is the food. At Coburn's Catering, we know that delicious finger foods that are easy to eat are essential for a good time (and clean clothes!). Here are our 5 top finger foods for any gathering this summer.

Stuffed Potatoes

Who doesn't love teeny baked potato halves filled with herbs, cheese, and other goodness? Stuffed potatoes are a perfect comfort food that is an easy-to-eat sensation at parties.


For slightly fancier fare, try one of Italy's finest antipasto. Bruschetta is a thin slice of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Other toppings might include basil, tomato, beans, cured meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Mini Sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are not only super easy to make and eat, but they are easy to customize. If you want a fancier or more casual sandwich, it's easy to do by picking the right bread and fillers. You might even choose to have a whole spread of different kinds of mini sandwiches boasting a range of tastes.

Spring Rolls

A slightly different twist on the mini sandwich, the spring roll is a great finger food. You can feature beautiful and healthy vegetables in a raw wrap or do more of a traditional fried roll. Either way, your guests will love dipping in a variety of sauces.


There is a wide array of possibilities with kebabs to match the style and feel of your event. Kebabs are a great way to highlight tender meats, healthy vegetables, and even delicious grilled fruit.

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