Top Catering Food Trends


In the event-planning world, things change fast. Different colors, centerpieces, decorations, and food go in and out of vogue. Luckily, there are a few persistent trends that are still fresh, but are also not likely to go out of fashion in the near future. Here are our top 3 catering trends for types and serving styles of food.

Build-Your-Own Foods

Hot dogs and hamburgers are not only for picnics these days. Ordering a grilled bar can give people the freedom to create American favorites to their own specifications. Make sure to get a variety of toppings and sauces.

Choosing Self-Service Catering

Worrying about serving people yourself or paying waiters can be stressful. One of the biggest trends in catering serving is buffet-style or self-service. With this type of catering, your guests can choose their own foods and portions, taking the worry off your shoulders. It will also allow people with special dietary needs to get what they want the first time, without having to wait for a server to communicate with the kitchen.

Delicious Mini Desserts

Cupcakes, tiny crème brûlée servings, cake pops, and other small, delicious treats are in this season. You can order lots of different types of mini desserts so that the chocolate, vanilla, and fruit lovers can all be contented. Look at catering dessert menus for these types of trendy, cute sweets to finish off your event.

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