Top Cool Drinks for Warm Weather


Though summer is past, it still gets pretty warm here in Texas. While other people may be serving up hot apple cider and hot chocolate at their upcoming parties, that doesn't always seem like a refreshing option when you're dealing with the classic Texas heat and humidity. Here are some suggestions of cool drinks to serve at your next party to keep your guests refreshed despite the heat.

Iced Tea

There's a popular quote used in the Southern states: "Iced tea is the house wine of the South." You can never go wrong serving up this quintessentially Southern drink at your party, regardless of whether it's hot or not. It goes great with any food you're serving, and if you serve up both sweetened and unsweetened varieties, you're sure to satisfy all of your guests.


Lemonade is a classic warm-weather drink, and is loved by children and adults alike. Plus, with a variety of flavors that blend various fruity tastes, you can have several different options for your guests to choose from. You can even offer unique and unusual options like cucumber lemonade. Adding a bit of cucumber juice to this drink makes it even lighter and more refreshing while adding a unique flavor twist.

There are many beverage options you can choose from at your next catered party. Contact us for some suggestions on what drinks you should serve.


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