Top Italian Dishes to Serve at Your Event


There is nothing quite like a good Italian dish. The combination of flavors, textures, and spices makes Italian cuisine a crowd-pleaser at any event. If you’re considering serving Italian to the guests at your next function, there are many entrees, appetizers, and desserts to choose from. While your selection should be based on your taste and style, there are a few tried and true favorites.

  • Pasta dishes. You can’t have Italian food without pasta. When catering an event, consider having a pasta bar. At these ready-to-make stations, a chef can prepare the dish to order. Each of your guests will enjoy customizing their entrée with different sauces, meats, pastas, and cheeses.
  • Breadsticks. No matter what the main course is, you can’t forget the bread. Breadsticks are a staple to any good Italian meal. Don’t forget to serve them with various dipping sauces!
  • Chicken parmesan. A perfectly cooked chicken cutlet, breaded, crispy, and topped with delicious marinara—what could be better? Topping it with parmesan cheese! This Italian comfort food is the perfect entrée for any catered meal. Whether you serve it alongside fettucine or mashed potatoes, you’re sure to have some happy guests.
  • Desserts. It would be a crime to serve Italian cuisine without their famous desserts! Consider serving miniature versions of panna cotta, tiramisu, and cannoli. This allows each one of your guests to try each of the delicacies without overindulging.

No matter which Italian dishes you choose for your menu, it’s sure to be memorable!

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