Top Italian Dishes to Serve at Your Event


Looking to go Italian for your next catered event? Great choice! Italian food is rich in flavor and will leave your guests feeling satisfied and impressed. Here are the top choices to consider when planning your menu.


Pasta is a given when talking about Italian food. It’s perfect for catered events because it can be easily customized based on an individual’s taste. You can offer different kinds of pasta along with different sauces. From marinara to pesto, your guests will be able to make this favorite dish exactly the way they like. You can also have chicken, meatballs, and sausage available to put on top. Don’t forget the parmesan!


Gourmet Italian pizza is also a great choice. Choose a bunch of different kinds of pizza and let your guests choose their favorites. This is a great choice if you are hosting an event that kids will be attending. Because what kid doesn’t love pizza?


Ravioli is another great Italian choice. Because there is such a large variety of fillings and shells, you can offer one type or many. Your guests will choose one that suits their taste and then top it with their favorite sauce. Serve some delicious Italian bread and salad with it and you have a menu that is sure to impress.

Dessert Choices

Let’s talk dessert. Gelato, anyone? You can’t go wrong serving this creamy frozen treat. Or if you are looking for something a little bit more substantial, try tiramisu. You can also serve hot chocolate and coffee with some different types of biscotti.

No matter what you choose, Italian food is perfect for your next event!

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